Welcome to Sacred Rootz

Greetings! And thank you for visiting Sacred Rootz, LLC!  Sacred Rootz, LLC was created to provide a natural source of healing , which Mother nature has and continues to provide for us unselfishly. With the many distractions and  technologies of the world, we as a people have forgotten about our roots and have become out of tune with nature. We have observed through customers and television that the western concept of medicinal cures result in more side effects than healing.  “Alternative medicine” (alter=change, native=born of nature, original inhabitant) as the western world calls it, has been replaced as the first choice of healing with synthetic unnatural drugs.  We don’t call herbs ” alternative medicine’, for this is the original and first means of healing, unlike synthetic medicines. Synthetic simply means “fake, artificial” and nothing artificial can heal a natural body. So we encourage people to return to their natural nature, and then one will see that their whole being is sacred.  Here at Sacred Rootz, LLC,  we strive to educate that livit ( so called DIEt), lifestyle and spirituality play an important role in your health and well-being.  At Sacred Rootz all our herbs are grown organically for optimal healing. On our site  you will find herbs to heal you and your family, discussion on food choices the pros and cons, spirituality, knowledge of the different systems of the body, and true caring about your health and well being.  YOUR HEALTH IS SACRED!