Still drinking Coffee?

Greetings, I wonder how many of you start your day with a cup a coffee?  Do you think that jolt of caffeine gives you a jumpstart?  Think again. A cup of coffee gives you a wakeup jolt because it triggers a stress response. Your adrenal glands are prompted to kick out the same stress hormones that are released when you perceive an external threat or danger. Your muscles tense, your blood sugar elevates for extra energy, your pulse and respiration rates speed up, and your state of alertness increases so you’re ready to wrestle with or run from environmental dangers. Caffeine is a dangerous drug with long-lasting and dangerous effects.  Coffee constantly stimulates the production of adrenaline, putting excessive wear and tear on the adrenal glands. And let’s not forget that green tea and black tea contain caffeine, and even decaf still contains some caffeine. Although we think of caffeine in coffee as the “wake-me-up” chemical, chronic use of it may cause fatigue, headache, moodiness, and depression in some people. A great way to get a natural jolt and energy is to use herbs like astragalus, ginseng and maca root.  They are all available to you at Sacred Rootz, LLC.  Wake up!



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