The Sweet Surrender— Breaking Your Sugar Addiction

The Sweet Surrender— Breaking Your Sugar Addiction

So, are you a sugar addict?

For starters, let's recognize that sugar is a drug. White sugar is a refined carbohydrate and can be considered a DRUG due to its addictive and harmful properties. This is why so many of us and our loved ones struggle with diabetes and other ailments of our pancreas, liver, and kidneys!

Sugar and The Pancreas: Your pancreas releases insulin to help your body use and store the sugar properly. But if you keep bombarding it with too much white sugar, it gets tired. Over time, it can't keep up, and the sugar levels in your blood become chaotic.

Sugar and The Liver: The liver is responsible for metabolizing and processing nutrients! Excessive intake of refined sugar can lead to several issues of the liver like increased fat accumulation, insulin resistance, inflammation, excess toxins in the blood, and potentially liver diseases.

Sugar and The Kidneys: Your kidneys are your body's filtration system for eliminating waste and maintaining a balance of fluids and minerals in the body. Too much refined sugar can increase blood pressure and cause inflammation, which will stress the kidneys out! This can lead to kidney stones, kidney diseases, increase your risk of type 2 diabetes, and open the door to other chronic issues.

Sugar and Our Emotions:We have to consider the emotional tie sugar may have on you. Turning to sugary foods as a source of comfort or a way to deal with stress, sadness or other emotions is a tell to the control it has over your mind. We also forget that parasites have a mind of their own and can essentially control yours. Consider this, sometimes your cravings are not YOUR cravings!

What does sugar consumption do to the body? 

• Stresses the pancreas, kidneys, liver

• Starves the brain of oxygen

• Causes adrenal weakness

• Contributes to baldness

• Contributes to attention deficit

• Contributes to blindness

• Causes tooth decay

Sugar controls you neurologically and emotionally!

Herbs to help curb sugar cravings: Blue Vervain, Chickweed, Gymnema, Uva Ursi, Fenugreek, Whole Cloves, Quassia, Wereke.


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