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Brickellia, also known as Prodigiosa, is a excellent herb which has an historical use in the Mexican and Native American herbal traditions, for combating high blood glucose levels. It can be one of the greatest of herbal allies and has proven to be extremely beneficial in type 2, insulin-resistant diabetes. Prodigiosa is a bitter herb which is why it is effective for the digestive system. Bitter herbs are important because they promote healthy digestion, powerfully aiding in the detoxification function of the liver, improving kidney function, participating in blood sugar regulation, stimulating immune function, improving nutrient assimilation. Bitter foods and herbs are rarely ingested by western society due to high consumption of sugar and salt. However, when a bitter substance is recognized by bitter receptors on the tongue, a chain of neural and endocrine events begin, labeled as the “bitter reflex.” The body then releases the gastric hormone gastrin, this reflex results in an overall stimulation of digestive function, which over time strengthens the structure and function of all digestive organs (liver, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, etc.). Brickellia improves the bile synthesis in the liver, and improves the excavation of the bile in the gallbladder. This is a great herb for people who are in the beginning stages of gallstones or have been diagnose with small gallstones. The regular improve flow of dilute bile will, in many cases, begin to dissolve small gallstones that have already formed. Eliminating animal flesh out of your liveth (so called DIEt) with ultimately improve the situation. Plant oils are much more suitable for our bodies and do not contain cholesterols, which is what gallstones are made of. Prodigiosa is also used for other ailments as well, such as arthritis, blood purifier, cataracts, and diabetes. Order your Brickellia (Prodigiosa) today! Your Health Is Sacred.

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